Times New American

“The average human is a fallen animal. And all animals are driven by instinct. Thus man being in a of state laziness or prolonged mediocrity is at the hands of idol temptations. A most dangerous affair.” P. Christopher Shelton

Modernity denies man his inborn duty of adventure. Indeed, men grow soft in their long periods of peace. How man is suppose to fulfill this biological urge to quest is now completely up to himself due to the isolation against the natural vicissitudes propagated by historical monarchies, feudalist societies and other previous economic systems. Man’s life under those paradigms created their purpose, to fulfill the king or nobleman’s quota. What does man have now? Freedom from absolutes, that is what he has.         

Luckily we still live in a pseudo-capitalistic market economy where man is able to seek his own path towards his own ends. Capitalism is the last frontier for biological man to grasp and play out his legacy. Everything is mediocre compared to how he wants to be remembered. A stark contrast to the times of old when man wanted to be remembered by the legacy of his wife being kept alive and the problem of his progeny’s survival. Moreover, to keep those children sustained until adulthood!

In short, every man in a market economy based on the division of labor is now quite literally treated as a king compared to every other generation to exist beforehand. In the West, we are all royalty. We all have to accept this and we all have to acknowledge this gratitude. Otherwise, what has made us different? The difference is of the still living comparative metrics of socialist societies.

Inside every socialist, a little tyrant. Indeed, a Matryoshka doll of the ugliest variety. What makes America great is the ideal of the Liberal Order (Classical Liberal). Being able to speak freely without repercussion. The obviation of the barbaric and the introduction of English Common Law. The statist wants a return of the old. A return to the regal powers of the state similar to a monarchy. A rebirth of the Tarpeian Rock for political offenders and other undesirables. With the law seated solely in the breast of the statist, he could plan the utopia which these lot have been groping for since Fourier and Kautsky. They think, “individuals be damned, rightists be damned, scoundrels be damned! There is a utopia to be built.” But those with sound mind understand the sociailist’s sloganeering and pandering. In fact, it is the natural evolution of the collectivist to loot the treasures of the free market.

In the west, Even the bottom twenty percent of the economy own two T.V.s and an oven.. a luxury reserved for the rich just 60 years ago. Capitalism is the most successful biological and evolutionary selection in the history of the universe if you agree with the assertion that the human brain is the most complex machine to exist. This beggers the question, what next?

Unfortunately the future is always fraught with uncertainty but based on the fact that praxeology is deeply rooted in the action of man to remove felt uneasiness, market economies have been and always will be the metric of human achievement. The more access and the more freedom to engage in the granular mechanisms of free will and commerce, the more successful biology becomes. The more restricted in these respects, a natural regression of humanity will ensue. Now is the time to embrace individualism. Now is the time to embrace the fray. Character is destiny.

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