Vice & Virtue: War on the Warrior Class – Zane Butler

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”– Matthew 5:5 KJV.               

               The first time I read this bible passage; I remember thinking to myself, ‘what the hell does this even mean?’ Growing up in an America that has been perpetually at war in some form since before my incarnation of flesh, and being raised in a secular household, this verse was always lost on me- but to watch how the world has unfolded before my own eyes, it makes perfect sense:

               Socialism and socialist constructs have waxed & waned over the many phases of history- but the result is always the same; complacent negligence of individual responsibility for the well-being of the self is complicit to the enslavement of the soul. Of course, the meek shall inherit the earth, because those of us whom the fires of the warrior spirit burns within would rather die fighting, than to relinquish our sovereignty.

               “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.” –Unknown

               To open up the O2 tanks on this deep dive, I’d like to begin with a brief visit back in time. The Tokugawa Shogunate came to power after a bloody victory at the Battle of Sekigahara, which ended the civil wars of the Sengoku period and secured the Tokugawa Clan as the supreme power and governance in feudal Japan.  The Tokugawa clan established a ‘caste’ system, which valued individual merits based on status, and the consolidation of power. Amongst these castes were the Samurai- a warrior-class of individuals- whom operated under their own code of ‘Bushido’, no matter the political dissonance or conflict of personal interest. Bushido was the alpha & omega; the warrior’s code. Though by nomenclature, a ‘Samurai’ must have & serve a ‘master’ to retain his honor, the principles of this warrior ethos were embedded at the core of their existence. A Samurai whom dishonored his feudal Lord, himself, or the warrior code, would rather commit ‘Seppuku’ – a suicide redemption- rather than tarnish the reputation of the warrior class and bring dishonor upon themselves or others.

               The Meiji Era was ushered in at the hand of those whom embraced the warrior culture- willing to spill blood without prejudice against all who trespass against the ideology, on either side of society. The Tokugawa Shogunate was toppled, and a new era of equality and freedom was carved in the flesh of the “oppressors” and “dissidents”. This opened Japan to the western influence that had been held at bay for centuries by the iron fist of the Shogunate rule- But at what cost? What is to become of a warrior without war?

               As the Meiji Era expanded social and political equality in Japanese society, the warrior-class of Samurai lost purpose. Many became ‘Ronin,’ or warriors without a feudal lord to serve. This complicated the practices and belief system that was instilled & upheld by Bushido, and ultimately led to a dissolution of the warrior-class. Fast-forward to present time: Japan has a ‘national defense force,’ but no standing military; they are reliant upon allies to continue & protect their way of life.

               Often referred to as the “Greatest Generation,” the World War II American populous exemplified the words ‘bravery,’ ‘honor,’ and ‘selflessness.’ Despite originally asserting a firm neutrality in the face of war, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, bringing the American forces into the fold against the Axis powers. Many young men & women were drafted into service to their country, and fought in a global war, to protect our way of life and prevent the convent of socialism and authoritarian edict from corrupting American society. Fighting a two-pronged battle from either shore, the United States operated in both the Orient & Europe, combating Fascism & Socialism- also reaching a stalemate with our loose ally, the Communist USSR.

               The ideology of Socialism effectively razed Europe as Nazi Germany advanced radially, finally finding defeat on the Soviet front after its closest ally in Europe- Italy- folded. Socialist Germany was now divided in half, and the Berlin wall isolated bad from worse. This is also where Japan’s warrior-class truly perished, as they were trumped in power and prowess after choosing to be on the wrong side of history, as this led to the complete and total dismantlement of any Japanese standing force. The Americans, willing and able, answered their country’s call to arms, and fought gallantly against usurpers and tyranny that which threatened our way of life. Following the war, our iron-clad heroes returned home to peace which was unprecedented- a boom in both economy and offspring slingshot our society into one of the most successful and docile times in modern history- but yet remained the warriors raising the next generation, with a demure hand and gentle touch, as to not expose their heirs to the horrors that war creates- both within & without. Jobs were aplenty, capitalism thrived, the nuclear family was the standard, and the way of the warrior was once again packaged neatly and placed to the wayside.

               Evidence of the failures of socialism within even some of the most militaristic and technologically advanced societies are present in post-war Germany. The Wirtschaftwunder, or ‘German Economic Miracle’ occurred as a direct result of the elimination of socialist principles in the economy: the first solution to the socialist ilk that plagued post-war Germany was the elimination of price controls- allowing for a free-market capitalist economy to rebuild from the rubble of socialist directives. The second pillar that allowed for the German economy to stand was the reduction of marginal tax rates, which allowed for more businesses to form and enter the market, increasing employment, consumerism and free-market activity, while simultaneously decreasing government controls. These capitalist ideologies and principles are prominent in Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, in which Smith references an “Invisible Hand” which promotes an economic endgame to which was never intentional, but to simply allow the free-market to work itself out. The rise of the modern German economy after World War II is a perfect example of the “Invisible Hand” at work. Not all wars are fought on the battlefield, and not all battles are won in the parliament. The returning warriors worked to rebuild their nations, no matter which side they served- paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come.

               Enter Vietnam: An unconventional enemy, conscripted service, dirty politics –a hotbed of heroism and cowardice occluding across American society. Following a period of peace and solitude, once more the drums of war beat heavily within the hearts & minds of Americans. A proxy perdition that would ultimately lurk amongst the shadows, continuing to this day. Sending countless men & women to their imminent deaths, the draft was once again implemented and the war-machine churned back to life- Except this time, the softness of society allowed for the warrior within a generation sired by the Greatest Generation of patriots could be undermined and misdirected. Deferments, and blatant draft dodging became the flavor of choice amongst those with the affluence to do so, while those whom were not fed with the silver spoon were exposed to the litany of conflict that called upon the unwilling. This precedence of conscription was met with much more dissonance this round, however. Protests and social unrest flared as the draft consumed the young to fuel the war-machine for political propagation. Proving a point to enemies of the United States became more important than the sanctity of life, and tens of thousands of men & women were sent to die in the jungles of Vietnam, fighting an imaginary enemy against whom neither entity had any warranted prejudice- leaving behind only those heroes who rose to the occasion, whether by luck or liberation, and those whose cowardice allowed for longevity.

               Within the same timeframe of the war in Vietnam, labor unions began to form in the United States. These unions comprised of tradesman, were designed, in theory, to protect the interest of the worker, and allow benefit to extend beyond to secure a livelihood for the nuclear family – however, this ideology was farcical at best. Labor unions, which were presented as a shield to protect the interests of workers quickly became a sword; a sharpened & honed blade used to cut down all those who opposed their demands. Unionization effectively weakened the workforce simultaneously as the warriors in Vietnam shed blood to strengthen the nation, expanding the rift between the warrior and the weakling. These newfound labor unions allowed for those in the workforce to effectively work less, be inefficient and unskilled, but reap the benefits of skilled labor and hard work. By creating a conglomerate of laborers whom now work directly for the union rather than a company, a cartel of shady and unsettling business practices, intimidation and blackmail ensued to further the goals of the union- high wages, low inputs, and indifferent macro-economic outcomes; socialism. As our warfighters returned from the fray, they were not greeted with a heroes’ welcome, but instead were spit on and ridiculed by those whom they had fought to protect the interests of. The warriors were once again cast aside, as the meek took the lion’s share.

               Collective weakness is stronger than individual power.

               Once again, a generation has been called to arms to defend our way of life, and uphold our American values in the face of evil. The 9/11 generation of veterans, and those whom are still currently serving, is a cacophony of fuckery in itself- comprised of willing patriots who wish to protect our freedoms, and more ulterior leftists whom only wish to suckle on the teat of the service & benefits that are provided- while feigning patriotism and sincerity of service to the country. This particular generation of warriors is near & dear to my heart, as a two-time veteran of the post-9/11 wars. While other sit in their ivory towers and attempt to legislate morality, we warriors take the fight to the enemy, often writing a blank check to society in the process; there are no guarantees. The soft social culture that has infected the masses completely defeats our endeavors elsewhere in the world- we are fighting to protect the same people who wish to see us destroyed and dismantled- and sadly are being torn apart from the inside out- They do not wish for equality, they yearn for subservience and compliance.  The socialist ideology of social and economic equality are incompatible with the warrior culture upon which our nation has been built, and these people whom only wish to receive outputs without equivalent exchange of inputs will always remain dead-weight lead, while the gold they could become will never realize its own worth.

               Natural selection has failed. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. You cannot legislate morality. An individual who thinks freely will never be bound to the shackles of servitude, so long as they remain free in thought & pure of heart. Socialism is voluntary servitude, in which no freedom or purity can be maintained.

               When warrior culture is systemically dismantled in a society, the cancer that is socialism is allowed to thrive. Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times- the cyclical nature of socialist ideology, including the destruction of the nuclear family, is the implosion of sound economies and capable men & women- writ large.

               This is all just food for thought. Hara hatci bun me– Only eat until you are 80% full; Always leave room for more.