Unrestricted Warfare

              Several months ago, I became aware of a book entitled, “Unrestricted Warfare” written by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, a highly influential major general and a senior colonel in the People’s Liberation Army. When divulging to people that I had ordered this book and that they should too, I was greeted with a look like I had just been found strolling in the park nude screaming at pigeons. An understandable expression I reasoned at the time, why would people want to read about China’s globalist military ambitions? As I began to read the book, it became clear that this was not just some crazy machination of two higher-up military officials overseas. This was an official Chinese blueprint to destroy America. With each chapter, new military strategies were explored such as financial warfare, and the introduction of terms such as “bio-nuking”. With the recent concerns over the Chinese Coronavirus, my desire to read such an obscure book has become validated and I am happy to have embarked in discovering the dark motives of China. My hope for this essay is to convince you to sit down and read this alarming book which the Chinese have so boldly printed for public consumption.

               The coronavirus has been said to have originated out of the capital city of Wuhan within the Hubei province in China. Initial reports were that It was propagated through the sales of unsavory meats (bats especially) and ill-prepared meals (gutter oil). Recently, it has become more publicly aware that the virus might have been manufactured, composed of HIV markers inside the common Coronavirus strain. While not all together substantiated, it is highly curious how a virus could develop such an odd composition and the location of its origin is also highly suspect. Just outside of the aforementioned markets, lies China’s most advanced virus research facility, the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This institute is the only known site in China that is labeled as Pathogen Level 4 (P4), a status that indicates the highest possible safety standards. What’s more curious is that this site is one of only a handful of sites in the PRC known to develop biological weapons. Due to the highly coincidental nature of the release of the virus and the proximity to the Wuhan Institute of Virology it can be inferred that this crisis was indeed manufactured, and the nature of this essay will primarily assume this is the case.

               As I cracked open Unrestricted Warfare and began to explore its profound insights into neo-belligerence, the concept of the “cocktail warfare” approach began to take form. Specifically, the authors speak about the Schwarzkopf + Soros + Xiao-molisi + bin Laden equation which is a combination of show of force methods mixed with financial, network and terrorist warfare. The praise for George Soros is also a bit disturbing, in that the authors explicitly outline how Soros will be the main military protagonist of the 20th century. Similar praise is given to other wealthy geopolitical entrepreneurs such as Helmut Kohl, and Li Denghui. It is interesting to note the detail that this work goes into about Denghui and how he used the financial crisis of Southeast Asia to devalue the Taiwan dollar in order to launch a full-scale financial war against “red-chip stocks” (stocks of companies listed on the Honk Kong stock market but controlled by mainland China interests). Soros employed comparable tactics in sinking the British pound and crippling the bank of England.

               Another fascinating model the book explores is the financial warfare + regulatory warfare + psychological warfare + media warfare scheme. This, in my opinion, is the tactic China has been using against America full bore for quite some time. As of writing this, the United States is in a large-scale financial situation brought on by the release of the novel Coronavirus. Cursory research into who is quietly buying up cheap stock in America right now will bring up Chinese investors. Once the stocks are gobbled up by the Chinese, our economy is much easier to control and reign in when necessary. A brilliant military move one must agree. I would venture to speculate that this was the real reason as to why the virus was released in the first place. China did not create the virus as a resort to “bio-nuking” although it does show a sense of power, the virus was released to incite panic and a run on the stock market. In short, the combination of non-military tactics has brought China’s number one enemy to its knees temporarily. The other components in this model such as psychological and media warfare are easily comprehended to any level-headed American. On a daily basis we are being taught that America is racist, xenophobic, transphobic, etc. That capitalism is bad, and socialism will be our savior, that biology is subjective and how you feel is more important. All of these Sorelian myths are repeated so much that we begin to accept them without a speck of evidence being asked for or given – and those who do ask the tough questions are shouted down and labelled as bigots or backwards. The purpose of psychological warfare is to beat the enemy into submission until he no longer has the courage to stand up for himself. In short, America is rotting from the inside out and all China had to do was use the West’s great tradition of tolerance and liberalism to tip the scales. The long march through the institutions was already well under way before China became a superpower but China seized upon the Marxist roots inside of academic institutions to turn the youth against America (see the several recent occurrences of academics being arrested for espionage activities on the part of China).

              To give a more robust outline of some tactics listed in the book, let us put forth a few: psychological warfare (spreading rumors to intimidate the enemy and break down his will: academia, feminism, Marxism, subjective biology); smuggling warfare (throwing markets into confusion and attacking economic order); media warfare (manipulating what people see and hear in order to lead public opinion along: various left-leaning media groups parroting CCP talking points); drug warfare (obtaining sudden and huge illicit profits by spreading disaster in other countries: Fentanyl, opioid crisis); network warfare (venturing out in secret and concealing one’s identity in a type of warfare that is virtually impossible to guard against: Hacking); technological warfare (creating monopolies by setting standards independently, Huawei, Chinese acquisition of Google and Apple technology); fabrication warfare (presenting a counterfeit appearance of real strength before the eyes of the enemy); resources warfare (grabbing riches by plundering stores of resources: Recession/depression brought upon by Coronavirus); economic aid warfare (bestowing favor in the open and contriving to control matters in secret, See China’s ambitions to buy up Africa); cultural warfare (leading cultural trends along in order to assimilate those with different views: Hollywood, Socialism is cool and kind trope); and international law warfare (seizing the earliest opportunity to set up regulations: climate change alarmists, environmentalists, anti-war activists), etc. It is in these various ways how the tentacles of the PLA have suffocated America and destroyed the cohesion of its peoples.

               As stated above, it is to be assumed the release of the Coronavirus was a soft declaration of war upon the United States. This outbreak served several beneficial maneuvers for the Chinese Communist Party. The first being that the Chinese economy itself was being hollowed out by the decisive tariffs and sanctions put in place by the Trump administration. The virus within China spread quickly and invoked mass domestic panic, this panic was then utilized by the CCP to consolidate power and exert its unmitigated will upon the populace. This can be interpreted as a tool to stabilize the country and excuse the current Chinese economic conditions, similar to the tactics Stalin wielded during the Red Famine in which the Soviet economy was crushed and around seven million people perished. The more central aim of this viral release was the economic fallout of the United States. We have seen in this short summary that China will resort to any means necessary to cripple its enemy, and within the context of this book, the modern means of warfare are predominantly non-militaristic. In fact, Liang and Xiangsui argue for the most part the future of warfare will be bloodless, but this should not be consoling to the reader as their intent is still to defeat the enemy totally. So, in closing I will relay to you, dear reader, what I told those startled people when I ordered this book, please read Unrestricted Warfare and the current geopolitical landscape will at once make sense to you.

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